Chocolate, Passion

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Marie Antoinette would have a better reputation in history
If rather than saying”Let them eat cake” she said
“Let them eat chocolate”. The world would have loved
her and celebrated her proposal.

and variation of flavors. There is milk chocolate,
dark chocolate even white chocolate. Chocolate is
always chosen as the number one flavor in taste tests.
Chocolate candy, milk shakes, even medicine for children
is flavored with chocolate. Chocolate is a significant
and flavorful ingredient in a lot of food which the
world consumes in enormous quantities.
Chocolate, love and passion are synonymous. Chocolate is
Thought to be an aphrodisiac. Eating chocolate makes you
feel great and the serotonin that’s released into the blood stream resembles
a feeling of love, satiation and happiness.

We relate love and chocolate. The Great Valentine’s gift
Must always include chocolate. Chocolate contains all kinds
of mood altering chemicals. These compounds can make us experience
a sense of euphoria. This euphoria may contribute to chocolate

We love chocolate with a passionate almost addictive reverence.
Some research who research the mood altering chemicals in chocolate
state that these chemicals when released into nervous system causes
the blood pressure to rise. There are additional decernible symptoms that
have been observed.

Hot cocoa is a favorite comfort food. There is nothing
Like having a cup of coca in front of a fire on a cold
fall evening. Chocolate in all its forms is considered
a comfort food. Comfort foods are classified as those
foods that make us feel good when we are eating them.

Acne to boosting cavities. Even when we thought chocolate
was bad for our bodies chocolate lover still eat millions
of pounds are consumed annually.
In recent research, this bad reputation has been contested by two
Independent studies by The Pennsylvania School of Medicine
And The U.S. Naval Academy. The studies proved that
eating chocolate did not intensify nor result in an acne condition.

Concerning the rumor that chocolate causing cavities, the separate
Study revealed that this claim was completely untrue.
The facts reveal that the cocoa butter in the chocolate actually
coats the teeth to prevent plaque from forming.

Formation compared to sugar in additional food. Eating too much of
any good thing is not good for you whether it’s chocolate or
chocolate cake.
Recent newspaper headlines created eating chocolate healthy. The
Newspapers reported that recent study at UC Davis found
that chocolate had a lot of chemicals in it which may help lower
the chance of heart disease. With more than 300 chemicals
in chocolate, scientist continue to find benefits
For the body in chocolate. Plants like chocolate contain a high
level of a compound called”phenolics”.

Phenolics have chemically been Shown to reduce oxidation,
Researchers claim that their research looked promising for
chocolate to actually have a medical benefit.

Chocolate fans all over the world rejoiced when they read the
headlines “Eating Chocolate May Prevent Heart Attack”. Not
Only was chocolate among the most delicious flavors in
The world but items made with chocolate are good for you.
Chocolate consumption increased by 150%.

Keep theĀ Rat droppings away from the chocolate.

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